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50 Activities For Developing Emotional Intelligence - Adele Lynn.pdf

Ask that the speaker choose something about which he or she feels strongly. Acknowledgment must be targeted in order for the receiver to gain.

This means that expectations must apply equally, and opportunities must also apply equally. Many of us may have worked for bosses of this type, and therefore, may have role models that displayed these characteristics.

Developing an adeptness at using positive influence is central to leadership. Explain that emotionally astute leaders assess reactions prior to an action and then alter their actions based on this assessment. Overview Explain to the individual or group that one of the most important tools for strengthening emotional intelligence is listening. Emotionally intelligent leaders know that the spirit killers listed above come with a price.

50 Activities for Developing Emotional Intelligence - PDF Free Download

What did you learn that supported your own perceptions? We will also explore the impact of this on employee morale.

Also, respect for cultural diversity issues is also important. Everyday, look for opportunities to thank people you encounter within your company or organization You can thank employees, coworkers, even the mail carrier. In addition, these methods require continuous assessment and feedback between you and the participants. Start by pressing the button below!

Within different types of music, one can find just about every imaginable tempo and mood. List this information under the heading of champion. In addition, growth will be well seeded if the leader is given ample feedback, reinforcement, and reminders to practice new behaviors on the job. Put a check next to the listening habits that you may sometimes practice. Roosevelt, whose vision was to put the people of America back to work and move the country out of the Great Depression.

However, advice given too quickly and at the wrong time is a turn-off to the speaker. Visualization is an important step in creating the motivation for successfully implementing a goal. The point of this exercise is to allow participants to honestly evaluate the contribution levels of their employees.

The most emotionally intelligent leaders can quickly see the gifts and strengths in other people. Sometimes, the leader who lacks self-confidence or self-discipline can take a stand, then sit back down.

Instruct each participant to complete the worksheet by thinking about the spirit killers that may be at play in their workplace. Repeat for all the other selections. Allow leaders time to rank order their employees. These and only these pages are reproducible. Create a vision of the future for your area.

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The coaching tools can be used in the classroom or in private coaching sessions. What do you think a reversal of this discussion could accomplish? This permission statement is limited to reproduction of materials for educational or training events.

50 Activities For Developing Emotional Intelligence

Although the best leaders do this through involvement and influence rather than strong-arm tactics, nonetheless, the leader is the visionary who decides on the path. This awareness is important and will be the first step in recognizing that the leader must be careful not to create an environment that creates negative perceptions.

This simple, easy-to-use book gives managers, supervisors, and team leaders activities to help their teams overcome emotional obstacles and become more effective. However, the activities contained within these pages are essential for leaders to flourish beyond these basic skills. This collection of the most popular and effective social-emotional activities ever offered by Innerchoice Publishing is organized into ten units. The information contained within these pages concentrates on developing some, not all, ka3511 pdf aspects of emotional intelligence. Positive emotion is a powerful force in influencing and developing teams and cooperation in the workplace.

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Teach important social and emotional skills with this powerful emotional intelligence curriculum. Ask participants to consider group strategies vs. Explain that words are as important as actions to fully engage the follower. Most employees also welcome sincere and genuine caring from the leader. List guidelines on a flip chart and discuss with the full group.

What did you learn that surprised you? Ask each participant to keep a log for the next week of who they sent the thank you notes to and why. Ask the participant s to rank order each employee by name on the worksheet ranking job performance.

The result of this exercise should be specific actions, not vague expressions. However, do expect progress. How did it impact the workplace spirit? One important first step is to recognize the gifts that surround the leader. What do they give to the workplace?

Think about specific actions your boss took that contributed to your sense of importance or your lack of it. How would you distribute the workload differently? Encourage leaders to recognize that it is natural for them to have preferences.

50 Activities For Developing Emotional Intelligence

The first step is honest assessment. Leaders are asked to identify past emotional reactions in the workplace and to identify the results these emotions had on those around him or her. As the coach or trainer, adjust your methods accordingly. If so, then you must manage the situation by addressing the problems.

In his efforts to recognize Paolo, the leader could have made Phillip feel hurt or unappreciated. Explain the two-edged sword of critical thinking.

What impact do boring words have on followers? Ask them to have fun and stretch their imagination with this exercise. That resentment can cause further problems and negative emotion in the work group. You should communicate that leaders must have both consistent actions and words in order to be truly inspiring.

The workplace need no longer linger in darkness regarding the factors leading to great performance. Also give examples that support that both expressing emotions and holding emotions in check are both attributes of a good leader.