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Evaluation of Available Codes. Mielke, Alexanderand Wohlmuth Eds. Darcy-scale modeling of microbially induced carbonate mineral precipitation in sand columns. Comparison of numerical simulators. Identification of equivalent parameters on different scales in fractured-porous media.

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Equilibrium Assumptions Revisited. Coupling porous-medium and free flow under turbulent and rough conditions.

Modeling concentration distribution and deformation during convection-enhanced drug delivery into brain tissue. In Archive of Numerical Software No. Coupling free and porous-media flow.

Modeling of compositional flow in coupled porous media-free flow domains. Treibhausgase in der Bodenfalle No. Development of efficient models accounting for reversible flow at various subsurface energy storage sites. Hybrid models for simulating blood flow in microvascular networks. Helmig, Rainer, Moritz, ethics integrity and aptitude pdf L.

Optimal risk management support in actively managed well catchments by means of probabilistic vulnerability criteria. Please first log in with a verified email before subscribing to alerts. Breadcrumb Navigation Back Forward. Modeling evaporation from porous media influenced by a turbulent free flow.

Modeling gas-water processes in fractures with fracture flow properties obtained through upscaling. Dimensional analysis of two-phase flow including a rate-dependent capillary pressure-saturation relationship. Interface condition and exact linearization in the Newton iterations for two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media. Elsevier Science Publishers B.

Complete Journal Volume 49 Issue 7/8

This standard is not included in any packages. Helmig, Rainer, Niessner, J. Multi-scale modeling of two-phase flow in porous media.

Modeling evaporation from porous media influenced by atmospheric processes. Experimental and numerical study of evaporation from wavy surfaces by coupling free flow and porous media flow. Macro-scale effective constitutive relationships for two-phase flow processes in heterogeneous porous media with emphasis on the relative permeability-saturation-relationship.

Numerical modeling of two-phase hysteresis combined with an interface condition for heterogeneous porous media. Recent advances in numerical methods for multiphase flow processes in porous media. Quantifying uncertainty in mass discharge estimates from contaminated sites using a fully Bayesian framework. Upscaling of two-phase flow processes in highly heterogeneous porous media including interfaces on different scales. Two phase flow in heterogeneous porous media with non-wetting phase trapping.

Finding a balance between accuracy and effort for modeling biomineralization. Numerical simulation of biodegradation controlled by transverse mixing.

Theory and different model concepts. Variational inequalities for modeling flow in heterogeneous porous media with entry pressure.

International Remediation - Development of an online-based course for German and American students. Evaluation of the coupling of a full-dimensional multiphase model to a vertical equilibrium model. Multi-component modeling of porous-media flow coupled with free flow.

Multi-rate time stepping schemes for hydro-geomechanical model for subsurface methane hydrate reservoirs. Efficient fully-coupled solution techniques for two phase flow in porous media. Multiscale formulation for coupled flow-heat equations arising from single-phase flow in fractured geothermal reservoirs. Transfer of modeling concepts for flow and transport processes in porous media systems to biological tissues.

Wasser- und Stofftransport in heterogenen Einzugsgebieten. Investigating the influence of the initial biomass distribution and injection strategies on biofilm-mediated calcite precipitation in porous media.

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Informationen f r

Conditional statistical inverse modeling in groundwater flow by multigrid methods. Multi-scale modeling of two-phase - two-component processes in heterogeneous porous media. Sequential coupling of models for contaminant spreading in the vadose zone.

Helmig, Rainer, Emmert, M. Monotone nonlinear finite-volume method for nonisothermal two-phase two-component flow in porous media. Uncertainty estimation of the mass discharge from a contaminated site using a fully Bayesian framework. Helmig, Rainer, Darcis, M.

SAE AMS 2759/3E

Complete Journal Volume 49 Issue 7/8

Dimensional analysis of flow processes and reservoir characteristics. Helmig, Rainer, Miller, C.

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Ist Mathematik hier notwendig? Numerical investigation of microbially induced calcite precipitation as leakage mitigation technology. Multiphase Flow and Transport Processes in the Subsurface. Finding a balance between accuracy and computational effort for modeling biomineralization. Chemical osmosis in two-phase flow and salinity-dependent capillary pressures in rocks with microporosity.

Determination of constitutive relationships for two-phase flow processes in heterogeneous porous media with emphasis on the relative permeability-saturation relationship. Efficient modelling of flow and transport in porous media using multi-physics and multi-scale approaches. The Reliability of a Stochastic Fracture Generator. Geostatistical generation of fractures on an aquifer analogue scale.