Beste single bar berlin, 1. dicke wirtin charlottenburg

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  1. The friendly staff behind the green-tiled bar serve up an array of craft beers that change daily, as well as a good selection of spirits and coffee and soft drinks during the day.
  2. Open daily to all, the rooftop bar serves wine, champagne, beer and a large set of fantastic cocktails.
  3. Perched on top of the luxurious Hotel de Rome, this stunning cocktail lounge and rooftop terrace provides a very nice and impressive view across the historical center of Berlin.
  4. Decorated with big slumber sofas, deck chairs, palm trees and real sand, this is truly a hidden oasis above the concrete jungle, that also comes with a fantastic view of the city.

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Rooftop bars Prague Full guide. So, which is the best rooftop bar in Berlin? The decor is as interesting as the storytelling clientele, with an assortment of objects apparently superglued to the ceiling.

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2. Zum Nussbaum Nikolaiviertel

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Relaxing under the willow trees with a beer or gin and tonic and soaking up the vibes is a quintessential Berlin thing to do. Institutions such as universities, research centers, theaters, museums but also festivals, nightlife and architecture of Berlin has a worldwide reputation. Please refresh the page and retry.

Kreuzberg Luzia One of Kreuzberg's most popular pre-club bars, Luzia sits along the district's buzzy Oranienstrasse. The crescent-shaped bar in the main lounge does a great line in all kinds of spirits and cocktails, while you can smoke a Cuban cigar and have more intimacy up in the upstairs lounge. And at the rooftop bars in Berlin there are plenty of good beer varieties to choose from. The ice is hand-cut, and staff are happy to tailor-make drinks for the undecided. Nestled among tourist traps and cocktail lounges in Friedrichshain, single party im this intimate bar has retained its low prices and living-room vibe.

Swarming with stylish patrons who mingle amid clouds of smoke, Luzia is one of the more popular bars on Oranienstrasse and has an outdoor terrace that overlooks the bustling street scene. Germany is widely acknowledged to be the spiritual home and founding birthplace of modern swinging. Here there is almost a nice bar in every neighborhood.

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Hot and cold buffet is included. Loungy and sophisticated in vibe, this is a great spot for summer after-work and beautiful sunsets. Although the bar attracts a mainly arty crowd, it's still essentially a friendly neighbourhood joint due to its location on the otherwise quiet Mariannenstrasse.

1. Dicke Wirtin Charlottenburg

Inside, the large industrial space is crammed with velvet armchairs, 2 frauen gleichzeitig kennenlernen mismatched tables and vintage wallpaper that flakes off to reveal rustic red bricks. It's easy to walk straight past this deliberately clandestine cocktail bar without even knowing it's there. Order by newest oldest recommendations.


Die besten Orte zum Frühstücken in Berlin. Must-Try Restaurants in Berlin. About Berlin Berlin is Germany's capital and the largest city in the country. Community Picks in Berlin.

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Berlin is a city with many attractions and historical sites for tourists and history buffs. The highest is around th floor. Run by celebrity drag queen Lena Braun, this bright pink Barbie-themed boozer remains one of Berlin's top spots for a fun and debauchery-filled evening. Barbie Deinhoff's With charismatic customers clad in studded jockstraps and gimp masks, unter partnersuche it's safe to say that Barbie Deinhoff's attracts people of all persuasions.

Food, drinks and party at rooftop bars in Berlin Berlin has become known as a real party town. Rooftop bars Munich Full guide. Absinthe fans may wish to sample the bar's take on the classic Monkey's Gland, made with English marmalade. Ring the doorbell to find a sophisticated and intimate space comprising two rooms, one of which is always non-smoking. Berlin is like many other cities in Europe rather low built - in spite of being a big city.

Opening hours, dress code, pictures, maps and much more. Berlin is through its cultural and historical heritage one of Europe's best known and most visited metropolises. Start scrolling down and find the Berlin rooftop bar best suited for you. Thank you for your support.

  • There's a decent list of beers, cocktails and mixed drinks, and entrance is always free.
  • Very urban and creative in decoration, the rooftop bar offers ice cold beers and refreshing cocktails, along with breakfast, lunch and a changing dinner menu.
  • Large candles melt into messy wax sculptures around the room, battered old pianos double as tables and absinthe-sipping poet types mingle in dimly lit corners.

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Either way, the honours system at the Weinerei gets people talking. The minimal bar menu extends to a few beers on tap and the occasional mixed drink. The atmosphere is erotic and open minded with a sauna and hot tub for the use of guests. There's good Italian food at the Gorgonzola Club next door, and the atmosphere retains a pleasant neighbourhood feel. Both Germany and Berlin is very famous for its beer.

Of course there are also lots of different cocktails and fine wines for those who like it. Background music is piped throughout and is usually electronic or house. Use the map to search for the best ones, flirten that are closest to your destination. The club reminds guests that the Sunday night party is for active people looking for sex.

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It has room for more than people, and the murmur of chatter between tourists, locals and beer aficionados adds to the pleasant atmosphere of a sunny afternoon. Perfect for those who like to hang with the locals and drink beer or wine. Luxury beach-club, bohemian etc. The slightly austere interior is brought to life by well-lubricated creatives as they launch into impassioned conversations about conceptual contemporary culture and the like.

It all makes for a refined yet laid-back atmosphere. The clue is in the glowing head of Mr Beckett that shines out from the dark window like a literary ghoul. It draws a decent mix of expats and locals. Part of the bar's appeal is that it all feels a bit secretive, making for a titillating atmosphere that lends itself to hedonistic fun.

Or use the Berlin rooftop map in the top right corner. With charismatic customers clad in studded jockstraps and gimp masks, it's safe to say that Barbie Deinhoff's attracts people of all persuasions. If you are, there is an amazing rooftop lounge waiting for you.

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