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The Break-Even Analysis (explained with diagrams)Basic Break-Even Analysis Example

Watch this course anytime, anywhere. What you should know before watching this course. The impact of reducing variable costs to Rs.

Managerial Economics For Dummies

Managerial Economics For Dummies

We sold tickets for nine francs. The marketing manager suggests that the most probable level of sales is units with deviation of units and that the distribution of sales is approximately a normal distribution. Conversely, linearity in the case of the total cost curve implies that the firm can expand output without changing its variable cost per unit very much.

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For a relatively narrow output range, this is no doubt a reasonable assumption. We may then proceed to construct our model.

If these sources are inadequate the industry may approach the bank for under writing its shares. As the share holder of the bank will expect a certain dividend just to cover the payment of interest for the term loans. From this, we can infer that by reducing the price from Rs.

In the case of term loans, the financial institutions shall have to find out the probability of the applicant being able to meet the interest and loan repayment schedule. We will get the break-even output for all the three items by dividing the above figure in the same proportion. What is the probability of sales equalling or exceeding the break-even level of units? Conclusion Conclusion Summary. The multiple products may differ in models, styles or sizes of their output.

Additional plant and equipment may be required, increasing fixed costs. The formula for determining the new volume of sales to maintain the same profit, given a reduction in price, will be. Download on the App Store. The difference between the two i. Management is no doubt interested in this level of output.

Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Introduction, Assumptions and Limitations. Non-linear cost-volume-profit analysis can be used as a preferable alternative. The losses on this product were covered by profits on other lines. For our example, the breakeven level in rupee sales is which is the same result that can be obtained by multiplying the break-even quantity by unit price.

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By contrast, there is a case for assuming that preference should be given to those product-lines which offer the possibility of making the largest contribution. In fact, cost behaviour is the response of cost to a variety of influences. In other words, it assumes a horizontal demand curve that is realistic under the conditions of perfect competition. For example, for low levels of output, some conventional methods may be most probable as they require minimum fixed cost.

The Break-Even Analysis (explained with diagrams)

Now company is planning to incur an additional Rs. There is hardly any reason, however, why every product-line made and marketed by the firm should be expected to make the same contribution.

It may apparently seem, from this example, that both products yield the same percentage profit on sales and that there is nothing to choose between them. The safety margin refers to the extent to which the firm can afford a decline before it starts incurring losses. Introduction Introduction Welcome. The formula for calculating the break-even point is. Paradox of positive elasticity.

This is because changes in selling costs are a cause and not a result of changes in output and sales. The linear relations indicated by the chart do not hold at all output levels. The break even chart shows the extent of profit or loss to the firm at different levels of activity.

In general, the data needed to apply break-even analysis are readily available, and the cost of such data collection is nominal. What is managerial economics? The following points highlight the top ten managerial uses of break-even analysis.

How to Use Breakeven Analysis in Managerial Economics - dummies

In the break-even charts, the concepts like total fixed cost, total variable cost, and the total cost and total revenue are shown separately. To the management, short myers briggs test pdf the utility of break-even analysis lies in the fact that it presents a microscopic picture of the profit structure of a business enterprise. Break-even analysis can enable the firm to decide whether to make or buy.

How to Use Breakeven Analysis in Managerial Economics - dummies

The total variable cost is assumed to be increasing by a given amount throughout. Shift of the demand curve. At both the points there is neither profit nor loss. The industry requires term loans to acquire capital assets like land and building, plant and machinery. In the first alternative, the university would incur a fixed costs of Rs.