Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells, associated data


Personalised recommendations. The effect of fl ow modes and electrode combinations on the performance of a multiple module microbial fuel cell installed at wastewater treatment plant. Sequence analysis confirmed the presence of G. Bioresource Technology Cadmium recovery by coupling double microbial fuel cells.

On the other hand, the antimicrobial property of metals makes it impossible for bacteria to grow on their surface. Effect of external resistance on bacterial diversity and metabolism in cellulose-fed microbial fuel cells. These microbial fuel cells impose the selection of highly active microbial consortium which is either mixed or pure, mollige singles hessen as these microbes are the catalysts functioning in electrons transfer.

Characterization of a filamentous biofilm community established in a cellulose-fed microbial fuel cell. No diffusional redox species are involved in this electron transfer process. Recycling of wastewater wastewater treatment is one of the ways in which the demand for clean drinking water can be met. However, the electrochemical performance is not determined by the density but by the temporal and spatial locations of live and dead cells within a biofilm Sun et al. The communities that developed in these wastewater studies were not reported.

Different processes have demonstrated different efficiencies for wastewater. All authors read and approved the final manuscript. Enrichment and characterization of an anammox bacterium from a rotating biological contactor treating ammonium-rich leachate.

Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells

After addition of the rice straw hydrolysate as an anodic solution, cell voltage was immediately increased with no lag time. Temporal-spatial changes in viabilities and electrochemical properties of anode biofilms. Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells. Initial development and structure of biofilms on microbial fuel cell anodes.

Electrode materials for microbial fuel cells nanomaterial approach

This could be the reason why there was an increase in microbial diversity in the cathodic biofilm. In another study, the use of two different electron acceptors in the cathodic compartment was reported for the very first time Zhang, B. Samples were collected from anodic and cathodic samples, and planktonic culture. This may be due to the presence of an evolving bacterial population in the anodic chamber that reached the equilibrium after weeks of operation.


It is clear from the figure that the nitrogen-doped graphene nanosheets show the best catalytic activity compared to other materials. Please select author name in each record! Industrial Crops and Products. The known exoelectrogens were differently enriched depending on the niches caused by the different electrode reaction and respiratory environment.

Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells


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  2. Rarefaction curves are an average composed of randomizations.
  3. Microbial fuel cells for wastewater treatment.

Associated Data

Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells

This conclusion would not be different based on any combination of duplicates. Production of algal biomass Chlorella vulgaris using sediment microbial fuel cells. The effect of biofilm thickness on electrochemical activity of Geobacter sulfurreducens. All metals with no exception were proven to be toxic to S.

Alpha diversity of, and sulfate-reducing bacteria in the microbial samples. Simultaneous removal of heavy metals and biodegradation of organic matter with sediment microbial fuel cells. Microbial diversity and population dynamics of activated sludge microbial communities participating in electricity generation in microbial fuel cells. Briefly, a synthetic riboflavin pathway from Bacillus subtilis was expressed into E. Membrane fouling reduction in a cost effective integrated system of microbial fuel cell and membrane bioreactor.

After rinsing in phosphate buffer, the samples were dehydrated in a series of graded ethanol and air-dried. Evaluating hexavalent chromium reduction and electricity production in microbial fuel cells with alkaline cathodes. Copper catalysis for enhancement of cobalt leaching and acid utilization efficiency in microbial fuel cells. Generation of electricity and analysis of microbial communities in wheat straw biomass-powered microbial fuel cells.

Non-precious metal materials such as composites might be an alternative to substitute precious metals in electrodes in the future. Electrochemical activity and bacterial diversity of natural marine biofilm in laboratory closed-systems. In the indirect way, a mediator is employed for electron transfer. In addition, an anode material should be biocompatible to allow microorganisms to grow.

Origin, causes and effects of increased nitrite concentrations in aquatic environments. This treatment is very effective in combination with heat treatment. Effect of light on the production of bioelectricity and added-value microalgae biomass in a Photosynthetic Alga Microbial Fuel Cell. Burkholderia cenocepacia strains isolated from cystic fibrosis patients are apparently more invasive and more virulent than rhizosphere strains. For example, chemical precipitation is the most traditional and widely used technique for the removal of metals from aqueous systems.

Cathodic and anodic biofilms in Single Chamber Microbial Fuel Cells

The presence of this gene has also been reported in a green microalga, Coelastrella sp. This is to ensure that we give you the best experience possible. Voltage V was monitored using a LabView program every ten minutes.

The ISME Journal

Effects of various organic carbon sources on simultaneous V V reduction and bioelectricity generation in single chamber microbial fuel cells. Production of electricity from acetate or butyrate in a single chamber microbial fuel cell. Production of electricity during wastewater treatment using a single chamber microbial fuel cell. Microfiltration membrane performance in two-chamber microbial fuel cells.

Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells
  • In another study, Tao et al.
  • Rarefaction curves based on pyrosequencing of bacterial communities.
  • Current production by bacterial communities in microbial fuel cells enriched from wastewater sludge with different electron donors.
Cathodic and anodic biofilms in single chamber microbial fuel cells

The three samples shared the same predominant phylum of Proteobacteria. Development of high-rate anaerobic ammonium-oxidizing anammox biofilm reactors. At the same time, the interfacial impedance should be low to facilitate the electron transfer. The Mathematical Theory of Communication.

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