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Their location and final plan shall require the approval of the Engineer prior to the start of construction. The temperature of the mixture delivered on the road. The quantity to be paid for shall be the area of the work specified to be carried out and accepted by the Engineer.

Construction Equipment Bituminous Mixing Plant Sufficient storage space shall be provided for each size of aggregate. The exact percentage to be added shall be fixed by the Engineer on the basis of preliminary laboratory tests and trial mixes of the materials furnished by the Contractor.

Material shall contain no frozen material, roots, sod, or other deleterious materials. The underlying grade or pavement structure upon which a control strip is to be constructed shall have the prior approval of the Engineer.


Immediately prior to applying the bituminous material, the surface shall be cleaned of all dirt, sand, dust and objectionable material. In the event rain occurs, work shall be promptly stopped and the entire section shall be reconstructed in accordance with this Specification. Rolling shall continue until the surface is of uniform texture and satisfactory compaction is obtained.

Any portable offices required in the Contract shall be dismantled, moved and erected from time to time as directed by the Engineer. If additional material is specified, it shall be blended with the existing material.

The Contractor shall provide drilling equipment capable of suitably checking the moisture penetration to the full depth of the excavation. The choker material, key rock, and cover aggregate shall be crushed or broken stone, crushed gravel, or crushed boulders or screened gravel or coarse sand. The actual mixing proportion depends upon the percent of lime, specified type of soil and its moisture condition. The Engineer may order discontinuance of the presplitting when he determines that the materials encountered have become unsuitable for being presplit. This Acceptance will be based on periodic samples from the windrowed materials after all aggregates have been blended for each layer.

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Also, the Contractor shall construct a parking area for the compound near the buildings and a satisfactory access road to the parking areas. Excavation operations shall be conducted so that material outside of the limits of slopes will not be disturbed. Natural gravel may be used for cover material. The offices and laboratories shall have at least the floor area prescribed on the Plans and shall contain the equipment, supplies and furnishings specified in the Contract.

Myanmar Blue Book All for Love. The Contractor shall maintain and keep open and free from leaves, sticks, and other debris all ditches dug by him until final acceptance of the work. Unless otherwise provided in the Contract, the 1 minute manager pdf the free-haul distance shall be meters. Freehaul distance is the specified distance that excavated material shall be hauled without additional compensation. The pump shall be furnished with an indicator showing the rate of flow.

It will be tested for acceptance immediately preceding addition of bituminous material to the mix. The kind and percentage of mineral filler to be used. The type and grade shall be specified in the Special Provisions. Pumping to dewater a sealed cofferdam shall not commence until the seal has set sufficiently to withstand the hydrostatic pressure.

During the mixing operations, care shall be taken to avoid cutting into the underlying course. If the basic conditions regarding the type of material or procedure change during the execution of the work, new trial sections shall be constructed. Each bin shall be provided with overflow pipes, of such size and at such locations as to prevent backing up of material into other compartments or bins. The operating mass shall be directed.

The soil-aggregate shall then be spread smoothly and uniformly over half the road or other convenient width of the surface ready for the application of hydrated lime. Methods other than plowing may be used if acceptable to the Engineer. After final compaction of each trial section, the Contractor shall carry out such field density tests and other tests required as directed by the Engineer.


All fat or bleeding surfaces shall be covered with approved cover aggregate so that the asphalt will not adhere to, or be picked up by the wheels of vehicles. The specified quantity of Portland Cement shall be applied uniformly in a trench on top of the windrows or spread uniformly over the soil-aggregate.

DPWH Blue Book - PDF Free Download

Wet cover coat material shall not be used on the work. No allowance will be made for settlement or shrinkage. The Contractor shall notify the Engineer sufficiently in advance of the beginning of any excavation so that cross-sectional elevations and measurements may be taken on the undisturbed ground.

Trial sections shall not be measured separately but shall be included in the quantity of crushed aggregate base course. Broken rock or coarse sand and gravel shall be provided for a drainage filter at weepholes as shown on the Plans. Any skipped areas or recognized deficiencies shall be corrected immediately by hand application and hand operated pressure devices or by other equally suitable means. The photographs shall be sufficient in number and location to record the exact progress of the Works.

PDF DPWH Blue Book - Free Download PDF

Unless otherwise specified, the vehicle shall at the end of the Contract become the property of the Government. The exact rate will be determined by the Engineer. During the mixing operations, care shall be taken to avoid cutting into the underlying course or contaminating the mixture with earth or other extraneous matter. All vehicles shall carry or be fitted with the accessories as may be prescribed by laws and have comprehensive insurance.

DPWH Blue Book - PDF Free Download

Embankments and backfills shall contain no muck, peat, sod, roots or other deleterious matter. In addition, batch mixing plants and continuous mixing plants shall conform to the respective requirements which follow this Subsection. Building paper shall be placed over the end of the previous application and the joining application shall start on the building paper. Spread cement that has been lost shall be replaced, without additional compensation, before mixing is started. The location, dimensions and layout of such buildings and places shall be subject to the approval of the Engineer.

The compacted aggregate shall have a firm and even surface. Along curbs, headers, and walls, and at all places not accessible to the roller, the subbase material shall be compacted thoroughly with approved tampers or compactors.


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