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The Ministry of Education sets overall standards and oversees special education for the handicapped. The oldest university in the country is King Saud University in Riyadh. Saudi Arabia portal Education portal.

General Education

According to the World Bank, there is gender disparity in the literacy rate. General Authority for statistics.

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Intermediate education in Saudi Arabia lasts three years. Another important institution is the Institute for Public Administration in Riyadh. That's not generally what Saudi Arabia's educational system delivers, steeped as it is in rote learning and religious instruction.

By this program, thousands of women have earned doctorates from Western universities. The universities consists of colleges and departments that offer diplomas, and bachelor's, master's and PhD degrees in various scientific and humanities specializations. There are also a number of private training centers meeting the needs of the marketplace. The building of colleges and universities for women, which was recently announced by the government, is critically important. These efforts are paying off.

Education is a requirement for every Muslim, both male and female. For people living in isolated rural areas, the government conducts intensive three-month adult education courses during the summer.

Some private numbers have been established with technical and financial first aid-kit from the government. The Saudi education system has been criticised. Saudi Arabia began focusing on higher education when the country entered a new era of rapid development in the early s.

The Wahhabi Mission and Saudi Arabia. Higher education in Saudi Arabia lasts four years in the field of humanities and social sciences, and five to six years in the field of medicine, engineering and pharmacy.

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However, attendance of kindergartens is not a prerequisite for enrollment of first grade of primary education and kindergartens are not part of the official education ladder. The Kingdom established a large number of adult education centers in order to make education available to everyone and to eliminate illiteracy. In Saudi Arabia, comparators in metrology pdf private education is to be considered one of the elements supporting governmental education at all education levels.

Education in Saudi Arabia

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Secondary education in Saudi Arabia lasts three years and this is the final stage of general education. The three largest such institutions are located in the United States, Britain and Germany. The Kingdom has established a number of educational institutions throughout the world for Saudi students living abroad. They include a variety of subjects such as math, science, literature, history, Arabic and Islam.

Training in Saudi Arabia Technical and administrative training is an essential part of education in the Kingdom. Ministry Of Finance - Saudi Arabia.

The large influx of Saudi students to the United Kingdom prompted the Saudi Ministry of Higher Education in to close access to the country for further study. Outline Index Book Category Portal.

Education in Saudi Arabia

For example, in computer science was introduced at the secondary level. There are other institutes that care for elderly disabled people. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. After the intermediate education, students have the opportunity for both general and specialized secondary education. During Saudi Arabia's first oil boom many Saudi males who studied abroad brought foreign wives back to Saudi Arabia.

Education in saudi arabia pdf

This article's factual accuracy may be compromised due to out-of-date information. Eliminating adult illiteracy is another major goal. The openings were prompted by Iffat, the wife of Faisal of Saudi Arabia.

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Saudi students also have the opportunity to pursue specialized graduate and postgraduate degrees abroad. Higher Education Saudi Arabia began focusing on higher education when the country entered a new era of rapid development in the early s.

Center for Religious Freedom, Freedom House. Of those, over half are female. It is an independent, non-profit educational institution.

The program offers funds for tuition and living expenses for up to four years. Another objective was to establish undergraduate and postgraduate programs in most disciplines at these universities and colleges.

The study of Islam dominates the Saudi educational system. Some colleges and departments also provide distance learning. Please update this article to reflect recent events or newly available information. It was founded privately in by a group of Saudi businessmen who believed strongly in the importance of education for national development. This caused concern among Saudi fathers with daughters eligible for marriage.

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As a result, Saudi students can now get degrees in almost any field in the Kingdom, and only pursue specialized study abroad if necessary. The Ministry launched a long-term plan to make sure that the Saudi educational system provided the highly skilled manpower the Kingdom needed to run its increasingly sophisticated economy. The establishment of the King Saud University in was the starting point of the modern higher education system in Saudi Arabia. Women's education in Saudi Arabia.

Education in saudi arabia pdf