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Therefore, it is a cetacean mammal. These species are too quick underwater. Manas Kaziranga Both are national parks in Assam. With an average dietary intake of kg in a day, Asian elephants eat mostly rice, sugarcane, and grass.

Endangered animals in india pdf

The stripes can be dark brown or black. Did we miss your favorite? Habitat loss due to selective logging, natural disasters such as tsunami and drastic weather change are thought to contribute to current population declines.

IUCN Red List India Pdf Download Endangered species in india pdf 2018When is a species considered critically endangered

These lions are usually found in the Gir Forests of Gujarat India. On the negative side, the population of these turtles faced drastic decline thus making them endangered species. Depending entirely on the water temperature, the hawksbill shells fairly change their colors.

They primarily prey on antelope, wild boar, sambar, chital, water buffalo, and chinkara. These monkeys live mostly on immature leaves and bamboo. The mass pollution in its habitat has led to the death of this species, which now is critically endangered.

The river Ganges is the habitat of the Indian gharial. Of all the rhinoceros family, Sumatran rhino is the smallest member.


IUCN Red List India Pdf Download Endangered species in india pdf

Less than a thousand survive today and the species is threatened by hunting and loss of its habitat. Ganges shark is characterized by its wide rounded and small eyes. From the two kinds of Red Pandas in the world, only one variety is found in India.

It has a silver-white mane from the cheeks to the chin. Sumatran Rhinoceros Dicerorhinus sumatrensis.

Here you can learn more about why is the South Asian river dolphin endangered. When is a species considered critically endangered? The endangered Red Panda live in temperate climates, in deciduous and coniferous forests, usually with an under story of bamboo and hollow trees. It is endemic to India and was first reported from Travancore, devi bhagavatam in malayalam pdf Kerala. The Nilgiri tahr or ibex Nilgiritragus hylocrius is an ungulate stocky goat endemic to the Nilgiri Hills of South India.

Endangered animals in india pdf

The Nilgiri ibex closely related to the sheep, inhabits the open montane grassland habitat in Tamil Nadu and Kerala. Notify me of new posts by email. This is one of the thirteen species of monkeys in India, vulnerable because its fur and meat are valued and it is the target of hunters. The Indian vulture Gyps indicus is one of the largest flying birds in the Indian subcontinent. Sei whale is known to occupy almost all the major oceans including deep offshore water except in Polar Regions and tropical waters.

The Asiatic lion is different from the African lion on account of its larger tail tuft and less well developed mane. Herbivores by nature, they are found in Kanha National Park in central India. It is now thought to be regionally extinct in India, though it once occurred in the foothills of the Himalayas and north-east India.

Threatened fauna of Australia List of threatened flora of Australia List of endangered flora of Brazil List of threatened mammals of Brazil List of threatened birds of Brazil. Among the classification of threatened species, the category Critically Endangered corresponds to the greatest risk.

Like most vultures, it has a bald head, scavenges for food, moves in flocks and nests on trees and cliffs. Indian Pangolin Indian Pangolin is found in the plains of India and listed as endangered due to hunting for its meat and for various body parts.

The list contains critically endangered, endangered and vulnerable species. This beautiful Indian antelope is near threatened as it is targeted on account of its skin and meat.

It is endemic to the South Andaman Island of India. Found in the hilly state of Jammu and Kashmir, the hangul is t argeted for its skin and flesh as well as its horns. The greater one-horned or Indian rhinoceros Rhinoceros unicornis is found in Assam, India. The Indian and the white-rumped vultures have suffered a devastating drop in population numbers because of accidental poisoning by a medical drug that was given to the cattle they scavenged on.

Native to India, this freshwater dolphin is also found in Nepal and Bangladesh. The barasingha or swamp deer Rucervus duvaucelii has twelve tined, crown-like horns above its head and a thick brown coat that turns darker during the mating season. Widespread overfishing and hunting makes these fish at the verge of extinction. Indian Wild water buffalo are native to the Indian Subcontinent and found mostly in Assam, they are largely restricted to in and around Kaziranga and Manas national park.

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This kind of elk is recognizable because it has a light rump patch, without the tail. Endangered Wildlife Trust. Have a restricted geographical range. Wooded plains and hill slopes of evergreen rainforests.

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Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. It is recognizable for its long and very thin snout, which in the case of male gharials has a pot-shaped boss at the tip. This species constructs a nest throughout the year. Recorded from an elevation of about m above mean sea level. Indian vultures are another critically endangered species found in Uttar Pradesh, apart from Gujarat and Rajasthan.

Every year This List will be increasing. These sharks are only found in inshore marine, freshwater, and estuarine systems. It is currently a vulnerable species. Some of the foremost reasons for the decline is widespread hunting, overfishing, and pollution. The Gaur or Indian bison Bos gaurus is the largest extant bovine in the world.