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Before Loading Paper When you open a new package of paper, fan through the sheets to separate them slightly prior to loading in the following steps. The key counter offers a convenient solution for centralized management of copy volume for different departments in a large company. Selecting Default Screen optional Preparation before Use Selecting Default Screen Optional Select the default screen on the touch panel to appear following the opening screen after power-on.

Do not push the original cover forcefully when you close it. Destination destination using the Place original. Les deux faces des originaux recto verso sont lues.

Duplex Unit Follow the steps below to clear paper jams in the duplex unit. La machine est en mode Veille. If a problem occurs with your machine, look into the checkpoints and perform procedures indicated on the following pages.

Sortir la brosse de nettoyage bleue. Only documents contained in the same custom box can be joined. Page Maintenance Using both hands, push in the toner container until it is locked.

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The document data must already be stored in the Custom Box. Ce document est Nom de fichier Date Taille mis en surbrillance. All information in this publication is based on the latest product. Your safety and the safety of others is very important.

Il est souvent construit dans un hangar, un grenier ou un arbre creux. Insert the paper along the paper width guides into the tray until it stops.

Page Maintenance Sortir la brosse de nettoyage bleue. Sa taille est plus modeste. Chemin Utilisez le clavier pour la saisie.

When replacing the toner container, replace the waste toner box as well. Original documents before joining are retained. This chapter provides information on the following topics.

Optional Document Processor Follow the steps below to clear paper jams in the optional document processor. Retirer les originaux du plateau des originaux. All indicators on the touch panel will go out to save power consumption except the Main Power indicator.

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In the basic screen Ready to send. Page Utilisation de base Recherche de destinataire Il est possible Placez l'original. Click Name of Printer and select this machine from the list. Do not wash the filters with water. Page Utilisation de base Entrer le nom de la machine dans le champ Nommer.

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If you place the original and press the Start key before the copier has warmed up, only the scanning is performed in advance and the copying job starts upon completion of the warm-up. Adjusting Density Adjust the copy density.

Sorted finished copies may also be stapled. Also, it is possible to use it as a network fax, by using it with a computer. Place the originals Ready to store in Box. Si surge un problema, o si tiene preguntas sobre su motor, consulte a un concesionario autorizado de servicios de Honda.

Ouvrez le chargeur de documents. Rouleau de transfert Ouvrir le capot avant. The dumping of these devices at unequipped and unauthorized places may have hazardous effects on health and the environment.

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Merci d'avance pour votre collaboration! Keep flammable materials away, and. This status refers to Sleep.

No part of this publication. For safety, always unplug the power cord before cleaning the machine.

Livres Les bases du froid 4e dition de Francis Cabeza

Default screen Screen appearing immediately after power-on. Set how to display the document data. Delete them if unnecessary. Be sufficiently careful to avoid fire or electric shock when removing a paper jam or when replacing toner. Holding the staple holder in your left hand and a new staple case in your right hand, insert the staple case into the staple holder in the direction of an arrow.

Destination destinataire de la Placez l'original. After this, turn off the main power switch. When the machine address is unknown, contact Administrator. Destination all entries, press Place original. Page Basic Operation Click Detail button to display the selected document data.

Destination for sending, press Place original. If the power cord is pulled, the wires may become broken and there is a danger of fire or electrical shock. When the key counter function is activated, copies can only be made when a key counter is inserted.

Specify an output tray for copy or print jobs. Then, press the Start key. Dangerous sparks may cause burns. Adjusting Density Basic Operation Use the numeric keys to enter the copy quantity. If the original is placed on the platen, fitbit flex manual pdf scan it and replace it with a next one.

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Der Netzstecker ist die Hauptisoliervorrichtung! The document data is scanned. Destination mail address and Place original. Ensambladora Nicaraguense Avda.