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The students discuss their sentences in their groups. Gerund and Infinitive Ljucus. The students then try to guess the writer's identity, writing their guess next to the number in the chart. Gerund or Infinitive Infinitive or -ing Form? Different possessives used don't be fooled into thinking there's only one type used here.

Students should change the sentences into the gerund form. When the students have finished writing, they try to find one person for each sentence who is the same as them. When everyone has finished, the worksheets are collected and then redistributed. The first player puts a domino down either before or after the domino on the table, making sure the verb in bold matches with the gerund or infinitive, or vice-versa. Please enable Strictly Necessary Cookies first so that we can save your preferences!

Gerund and Infinitive - Worksheets

Gerunds or Infinitive Benjamin Chapman. The class is divided into pairs A and B and each student is given a corresponding part of the worksheet.

In this entertaining worksheet activity, students write sentences about themselves with gerunds and infinitives and then play a guessing game using the sentences. This is a skill that native speakers take for granted. He goes running every day after work.

The students begin by writing the name of each student in the class in the first column of the worksheet. Each time three sentences are read out, the group members ask the student questions to help them decide which sentence is true. The students read through the worksheet and tick the option in each category that best describes what they like doing. When everyone has read their sentences, convert firefox html document to pdf online free students reveal their numbers.

The students begin by completing each sentence on the worksheet with true information about themselves using a gerund or infinitive. Most Recent Most Viewed Rating.

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Gerund and Infinitive Dominoes. The other student then writes the gerund in the crossword. The students have to complete the sentences using the correct form of the verbs given infinitive or gerund. This worksheet has two straightforward infinitive and gerund practice activities for your intermediate level students. Share this Article Like this article?

What are you going to do this weekend? The students then discuss their sentences in small groups. This worksheet is appropriate to practice gerund subject and object of proposition.

The student with the most true sentences wins. Ing vs To Infinitive Laura Videla.

The students shuffle the cards and deal them out evenly. It has examples of each case and some excercices at the end of the page.

This is a pretty simple worksheet for teaching or revising gerund and infinitive at pre-intermesiate level. This worksheet is aimed to clarify and practice the differents between to or -ing usage after special group of verbs regret, forget, stop, etc.

Gerund and Infinitive - PDF Worksheets - English Vocabulary and Grammar

In grammar, infinitive is the name for certain verb forms that exist in many languages. Improve your pronunciation, reduce your accent, and increase the clarity and impact of your spoken English with this free five-day email course. This section is aimed at testing your competence in the use of infinitives and gerunds. Students can add their own answer if they wish using a gerund. Gerunds vs Infinitives ezhevichina.

How to Use Go Ing (the Gerund) to Describe Fun Activities

Top articles in this category. Hobbies Cards ezhevichina. This file consists of a short explanation about gerunds and infinitives.

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My sister is going to go surfing in Peru next year. While the present continuous is often used to talk about actions happening at the moment of speaking, it is also used to describe plans happening in the near future. If you disable this cookie, we will not be able to save your preferences.

They do this by asking questions to the classmates listed on their worksheet, e. This worksheet helps teachers familiarise students with verb patterns. Listen to the bits of songs and fill in the gaps provided in the lyrics. You must agree to receive emails so I can share this information.

How to Use Go Ing (the Gerund) to Describe Fun Activities English with Kim

Here you can find cards with different kinds of hobbies that can be used during the English lessons to practice speaking about this topic. The student with the crossword chooses a verb from the box and tells their partner the verb. Rules when students should use one option or the other. If it's not true, the students put a cross. Afterwards, students tell the class what they found out about their classmates.

Gerunds Infinitives ESL Activities Games Worksheets

Students then check their score to see how well they know gerunds and infinitives. Free Email Course Improve your pronunciation, reduce your accent, and increase the clarity and impact of your spoken English with this free five-day email course. The students then turn over the top domino from the pile and place it face up on the table. Students will need to learn when to use the infinitive and gerund forms of a verb. The students then try to write a true sentence about each person using the verb next to their name followed by a gerund, e.

In both exercises students have to fill in blanks with the correct form of the verb provided. For each verb, the students write three sentences about themselves, one true and two false. When everyone has finished, the students give feedback to the class on what they found out. Students go through the items on the worksheet and form the questions they need to ask in order to do the activity, e.

Online Membership Download the Entire Library. In this engaging gerunds worksheet activity, students try to write true sentences about their classmates. Afterwards, there is a class feedback session to see what the students found out about their classmates.