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Contact your network operator. Move through the menus and tabs. The rapidshare's one says there is no file, so can you reupload it again please? Scroll to, or enter the first letter or letters of the contact. Turn off to connect with several Bluetooth devices at the same time.

Sony Ericsson Ki

Press and hold to set the phone to silent. You can check the duration of your last call, outgoing calls and the total time of your calls.

Enter a name for the new account Continue. Slide the battery cover into place. Sony Ericsson, and, to the extent that the Software contains material or code of a third party, such third party, shall be entitled third party beneficiaries of these terms. Phone overview, icons, menus, enter -.

Activity Menu If the word shown is the one you want, press to accept and add a space. You can create new themes and download them to your phone.

Keypad Lock Keypad lock Lock the keypad to avoid dialling a number by accident. Limited Warranty Software.

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Active Audio Record is what you want. Ive reinstalled it thrice but its still not working. Built on the U from Ericsson Mobile Platform. The uploader just needs to click the delete link of the file to get further information.

Phone Lock It is important that you remember your new code. View status information in standby. Although typical of many recent Sony Ericsson devices, support for outputting files other than over the mobile network has been variable with other brands. The battery is discharged.

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It shows your model number Ki. Phone Language Phone language Select the language to use in the phone menus or when writing text. Efficient Use Please check if local laws and regulations restrict the use of mobile phones while driving or require drivers to use handsfree solutions.

Sony Ericsson K800i User Manual

Sony and Ericsson mobile products. Settings are missing or incorrect.

If this works, it is probably the phone that is causing the problem. Turn the phone on with the charger attached. Entertainment Themes Change the appearance of the screen, for example, through items such as colours and wallpaper, by using themes. Camera and video recorder Take pictures and record video clips to save, view and send in messages.

If you select Reset settings, the changes that you have made to settings will be deleted. Using Contacts Phone contacts Save contacts in the phone with names, phone numbers and personal information. Getting Started Some functions use more battery power than others and may cause a need for more frequent re-charging. The maximum allowed Bluetooth radio output power in the phone is automatically adjusted according to possible local restrictions. Phone Number time of going to print.

Rss Reader Internet security and certificates Your phone supports secure browsing. If talk time or standby time becomes noticeably shorter, you may have to replace the battery. If you forget it, freeware for pdf to word converter you have to take your phone to your local Sony Ericsson retailer.

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Sony Ericsson recommends that you use only batteries and chargers approved by Sony Ericsson. You can also use trim away parts of a video clip to shorten it. Calling Calling Calls, video calls, contacts, voice control, call options. Restricted Dialling Restricted dialling Restrict outgoing and incoming calls.

Sony Ericsson K800i

Sony Ericsson K800i

When the talk-time or standby time is noticeably shorter, it is time to replace your battery. Enter a name Select from the files that are available in the file manager. In the calendar, a new feature is supported for recurring event notifications on a yearly basis, which the predecessor K lacked. If so mail me at maskedhobo at gmail dot com.

Alarms Set an alarm for a specific time or specific days to recur on. When you select a shortcut and the application opens, other programs are closed or minimized.

Video Call In some countries, other emergency numbers may also be promoted. Active email account If you have several email accounts, you can change which one is active. Insert the battery with the label side up and the connectors facing each other. Short video clips can be sent using picture messaging.

Customer shall not modify, decompile, disassemble, decrypt, extract, or otherwise reverse engineer Software. Phone overview Some icons on keys may differ.

Sony Ericsson Ki