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Ich habe nicht genug geschlafen I did not sleep enough. Wieviel hat dein Auto gekostet How much did you car cost? Wohin hast du die Vase gestellt Where did you put the vase? Horace gazed out the window.

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Wer fehlt heute Who is absent today? Ich besuche meine Familie jeden Monat I visit my family every month.

Ich bin nach Deutschland gereist I traveled to Germany. Wir haben gestern viel gearbeitet We worked a lot yesterday. Sie war gestern nicht da She was not there yesterday. Hast du gut geschlafen Did you sleep well? Darf ich auf dem Balkon grillen May I have a barbecue on the balcony?

Pay attention to stem-changing verbs and verbs with separable prefixes. Warum bist du am Wochenende zu Hause geblieben Why did you stay home for the weekend?

List of irregular verbs simple past and past participles

Wer hat dieses Buch geschrieben Who wrote this book? Ich mag Pizza I like pizza. Die Touristen liegen am Strand The tourists lay on the beach. Ich brauche mehr Zeit I need more time. Wir haben lange in der Schlange gestanden We stood in line for a long time.

English past tense English verbs Tenses grammar

Er musste gestern arbeiten He had to work yesterday. Was denkst du daran What do you think of that? Was bedeutet dieses Wort What does this word mean? Ich wollte das Buch zu Ende lesen I wanted to finish the book. Ich muss nach Hause gehen I have to go home.

English past tense English verbs Tenses grammar

Der Unterricht hat schon begonnen The class has already started. Maria accepts the award on his behalf. The heroes plugged into the matrix. Hast du Geschwister Do you have siblings?

Er hat uns seine Fotos gezeigt He showed us his photos. Was ist gestern passiert What happened yesterday? Er schickt eine Postkarte He sends a postcard. Das Handy liegt auf dem Tisch The phone is on the table.

Liebst du mich Do you love me? Sie hat noch nie eine Giraffe gesehen She has never seen a giraffe. Habt ihr schon die Weihnachtskarten geschickt Have you already sent the Christmas cards? Interesting, just finished reading through this blogpost.

Sie ist mit dem Flugzeug nach Deutschland geflogen She flew to Germany by plane. Join YourDictionary today.

An English Irregular Verb List Free PDF Download

George will beg for your forgiveness. Sie hat mich gestern angerufen She called me yesterday. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it.

Surely following your blog! Was hast du studiert What did you study? Wir haben uns den Kuchen geteilt We shared the cake. Paul trifft seine Freunde am Wochenende Paul meets his friends on the weekend.

Was erwartest du vom Leben in Deutschland What do you expect from life in Germany? Er hat die Rechnung per E-Mail gesendet He sent the bill by email.

It offers a sizable list of regular verbs in the English language, showing the corresponding present tense, the past tense and the future tense forms of the verb. Use of Regular Verbs If you are trying to determine whether or not a verb is regular, el tio tungsteno pdf you can refer to the above regular verb list. Go through the list and mark the verbs that are most important for you.

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The following verbs have a regular conjugation pattern in the present tense and you can see the past participle form in the brackets. These German verbs are difficult for many beginners to remember. Ich bekomme immer viele Geschenke zum Geburtstag I always get many birthday presents.

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Then, dive into the various categories of English verb tenses to familiarize yourself with everything from past progressive to the future perfect tense. Even though they have past participle form, they are mostly used in Simple Past tense when talking about past events. Home Vocabulary Top German verbs for beginners with sentence examples and past participle.

Helped me a lot with my problem. Hast du alles richtig verstanden Did you understand everything correctly? Wir haben alles versucht We have tried everything.

Thank you so much I really appreciated we always love you. Horace will gaze out the window. Related articles on YourDictionary Action Verbs. This can be different for everyone. Maria will accept the award on his behalf I advise you to slow down.