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The entire Lofoten archipelago is filled with peaks worth climbing. The sea, the weather and the Ice Ages have formed deep fjords, craggy peaks and a number of awe-inspiring coastal caves. The rent from rorbu cabins and other land dues comprised only a part of the squire's income. May and June are the driest months, java certification books pdf free while October has three times as much precipitation.

Lofoten offers many rock climbing and mountaineering opportunities. New book about Lofoten Click here!

Passengers travel at their own risk, but all vessels have complete passenger insurance coverage and have all the required safety equipment. Sale of the popular wrought iron cormorants. Stay in comfortable maritime surroundings.

You can either get these at a local restaurant or buy them at a local fish shop. The period with the least precipitation is between April and June, while in October- December we have the most rain or snow. Floating weightlessly like an eagle above the coral seabed adds the finishing touch to the adventures that will make your stay in Lofoten a perfect one. They are not very detailed and the marking of the routes is sometimes rather inaccurate. The coastal trails and sandy beaches are also good options.

Cross the Stokkvikskaret Pass and continue down to Stokkvika on the south side of Lake Stokkvikvannet. Lofoten has one of the worlds most interesting football pitches on an island as used in Windows start up screens.

The Maelstrom was first described by Pytheas the Greek over years ago and has since been described and marked on innumerable sea charts together with terrifying illustrations and warnings. We ask visitors to help us take care of our settlements and our environment. Food and Drink Cooking has become an art, and as everyone knows, art is multifarious!

Boathouse with old Nordland-type boats, etc. There is a heated cabin and a toilet on all vessels. For environmental causes, please also consider to download the Guide. Explore stunning fjords and islands by land and sea and observe captivating wildlife along the way. This is the oldest known Stone Age settlement in Lofoten.

The struggle for fish resources has been going on for a long time. Sorbus hybrida Rowan whitebeam and Malus sylvestris occur in Lofoten, but not further north. Remember to wear sensible clothing. The main islands are joined to each other and the mainland by road bridges.

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You will find the program on this website. Do not rely blindly on outboards and other technical aids e. The view from Reinebringen. Remember to take a map and compass.

Seasickness can be both avoided and cured. Other than the massive fishing industry, tourism is becoming increasingly important.

The motorisation of the fishing fleet over the past years. Gifts, Souvenirs and Shops. Solid footwear is also essential, preferably with a good grip.

Sleeping bag or sheets required. The royal power of southern Norway took over control. These are often used in a number of different desserts. The Lofoten Islands are located roughly miles north of the Arctic Circle off the west coast of Norway, separated from the mainland by the waters of Vestfjord.

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Those taking part do so at their own risk, but all vessels are covered by passenger insurance and are equipped with the mandatory safety gear. Follow the Rules of the Sea, and remember to give way in time. Steep with some loose rock. Consequently, the fishermen who rented rorbu cabins were normally required to deliver their catch to the squire - at his price. Bergen in southwestern Norway was for a long time the hub for further export south to different parts of Europe, particularly so when trade was controlled by the Hanseatic League.

Periodic rain and mist may often lead to slippery conditions and poor visibility. The basic idea behind the museum is to create a farmyard whose main focus is on peat production, and the life and conditions of those involved. Hiking-Lofoten provides Lofoten maps. The geographical diversity of the Lofoten Islands is reflected in the species found here.

Non-members have access when accompanied by members. Museums include the Lofoten War Memorial Museum. It takes place from January to April and has always been then basis for human settlement in the archipelago. The weather in Lofoten is extremely changeable, so you should not set out on long trips in small boats, even if the weather is fine. There are no native conifer forests in Lofoten, but some small areas with private spruce plantations.

Strong winds can occur in late autumn and winter. Local restaurants serve roast lamb, lamb chops, or lamb stew all year round. There is a heated cabin and a toilet on board.

Add adventure to your inbox. Make sure someone knows where you are going! The white sandy beaches of Lofoten are without a doubt one of the scenic highlights. These recordings are included on their three releases entitled Shipwreck Radio. Despite the Arctic location, the Lofoten Islands present myriad ways to get outdoors, and no setting is cooler or more unique.

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Attractions and Holiday Adventures. Stockfish production and trade.

Some trails have exposure steep drops and there are no safety railings. It's a good idea to wear woollen clothing and to bring along wind and rainproof clothing. Here, you will find long, chalk-white beaches and extensive agricultural areas. Precipitation totals in mm. Enquire at the tourist information centre Biking Lofoten is a fantastic destination for cyclists.

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