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What happened on Mirandas date? Link the statements to the correct picture.

Prostuduj si nepravideln slovesa na stran odkaz She has read it. Doplte chybjc tvary nepravidelnch sloves.

Another calming colour is green, which is refreshing and represents nature. Zvraznite tie informcie, ktor vm poda vs pomu vyriei lohu.

Peter says that its a good idea to ask somebody out via facebook. Apersons sex doesnt tell us anything about the way people act. Artists, writers and musicians often wear this timeless colour though its meaning has changed with the times. What is shocking about gothic fashion? Brown can also have a negative meaning.

Can I have some sugar, please? Spojte vrazy z obou sloupek. The problem is she refuses to have a. They are either fashionistas or gun-toting hoodies.

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Budete vedie, e tomuto miestu je potrebn venova viu pozornos pri druhom povan. And knowing that someone is a girl doesnt say anything about whether her physics skills are closer to zero or Maria Curies. People who often wear orange have a bigger craving for food.

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Disaster causes national shock C Weather forecast causes troubles Aeroplane ends up in flames A gesture of non-violent protest A. It was such a bad experience.

Have got mt je vlastn pedptomn as slovesa get dostat. Dejte slovesa do sprvnho asu. Sloveso, ktor nasleduje, johannes itten pdf mus by tie vmnonom sle. Something special at a club in town. People can do a lot about their figure by doing exercises.

Have Has you he worked in Britain? In a pair of climbers Mallory and Irvine got lost. They had spread to his face, back and arms.

Dejte slova do sprvnho poad a utvote vty. Which way should Dennis choose? At the moment hes working on a comic book about a superhero. Have Has you he been running?


What other ideas is she talking about? Nesmme ji zamnit s frz Is that all?

She has such beautiful eyes that she got a job as a model. Christmas but I dont like. Text si vypoujete vdy dvakrt. It is forever fashionable, and is one of the most popular colours, particularly when we wear jeans. Knowing that someone is a boy doesnt say anything about whether his.

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Jane doesn t enjoy her job. Ob m dti byly minul tden nemocn. Are there many new shops in your city? Many people considered the mountain unclimbable.

Predminul as vdy zvis od kontextu, ktor je vhradne minul. But there are a lot of myths around gender. Is black the right colour for you? He s the most inteligent student in the class. Football is more popular than tennis.

What is the person complaining about? To make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

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Jedn se v podstat o pest, ve vt se vak chovaj jako pdavn jmna. As I know him, Dennis has never been interested in romantic walks. She loved cartoons showing this superhero. Both my brothers are tall.

Ak slov by ste zvolili vhore uvedench vetch? Whats true about stereotypes?

You do not need to avoid patterned blouses but patterns of flowers should not be too large. What did you see the people do? Jejmu dtti jsou teprve tyi, ale um st a pst.

Peters friend is a lawyer. Bude si smt ten dopis pest.

How long have you had the cat? Mother used to say, Thats not for girls, but I didnt want to play with dolls and I wasnt interested in make-up either. Je-li dleitj dj ne jeho nsledek, pouvme minul as. One of the most emotional colours is red, which shows passion and love. Minul tden jsem hodn pracoval.