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Armour to be embedded in or overlaid by substance or material to inhibit flow of water. The circuit protection system also needs to ensure adequate protection from excess current loading.

The purpose of the test is to check that the cable laying has been done correctly. Cable reels must remain in an upright position. The company is perhaps one of the few to offer customers. Induced Voltage Distribution More ampacity.

Intimate contact between Insulation and semiconducting layer prevents partial discharge. Started Conductor - used in cables for fixed installations. Wooden reels should be stored off the ground to prevent rotting. Please refer to the chart for properties of sheathing material. For closer spacing, the factors should be reduced.

The details of various cable types can be checked in catalogues. Cable code as per the catalogue.


The assembly is used for transmission and distribution of electrical power. Conductive working environments, cohesive management team, motivated work force, are the key factors which drives us to success.

With the outer shield grounded, the electric field of the conductor attains radial symmetry and is confined to Insulation for safety consideration. Reels should be stored on a flat, hard surface so that the flanges do not sink into the earth.

Doha cables catalogue pdf

Number of cores as single core, two core, three core, three-and-a-half core, four core, multicore, etc. The resistance measurement is in megohms. Electrical power cables may be installed as permanent wiring within buildings, buried in the ground and run overhead or exposed.

It is an assembly of one or more individually insulated electrical conductors, usually held together with an overall sheath. For single core cables, four sectoral shaped conductors may be assembled into a single circular conductor. Technical Specifications for stainless steel trellises, structural rods and cable systems, balustrades and railings. All components for tensile architecture applications. Low voltage to the equipment being powered, causing improper, erratic, or no operation and damage to the equipment.

Surge arrester required at open end. Proper conductor selection takes into account the interaction of these characteristics with requirements of lines its voltage, capacity, load factor etc.

Cables should be stored in an area away from open fires or sources of high heat. It is recommended that appropriate protection devices be installed and the nature and frequency of all such occurrences be monitored and recorded, so that protective measures can be installed. Our Winter Edit Browse our choices to discover a fantastic selection of patterns and products we think you'll love this winter. Cross-section of the conductor.

Covered conductors with insulation are good for environments carrying pollution and can withstand contact with conducting materials. This is a standard industry parameter that allows the client to make relatively accurate comparisons of reading from past tests done by other technicians.

Products Oman Fiber Optic Co. Instrumentation and Control cables are used for data transfer or control circuits. Ducab manufactures wide range of cables and cable components and cable accessories. The weight of the reel and cable must be carried at all times by the reel flanges.

When temperature increases, insulation resistance decreases, and vice versa. Cable should be stored in an area where chemicals or petroleum products will not be spilled or sprayed on the cables. If a length of cable has been cut from the reel, the cable end should be immediately resealed to prevent moisture from entering it. We also provide covered conductors. Insulation Material Characteristics Sl.

Product finder Ducab manufactures wide range of cables and cable components and cable accessories. Moisture and atmospheric conditions can cause exposed conductors to oxidize and discolor. Any smaller conductor cross-section than those given in this table is not recommended. Product Type Standards - Flexi Fiber.

If you would like a copy of our latest catalogue please enter your details and we will send you a copy. To provide uniform stress over the relatively rough stranded conductor surface.

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Doha cables catalogue pdf

Power cables are mainly used for power transmission and distribution purpose. Values given are averages for the cable types and range of conductor sizes considered. Cables stored outdoors should have the ends sealed to prevent moisture ingress into the cable. How much voltage drop is acceptable?

Aluminium, can also be used as Conductor material as it is very economical. Lets clarify our use of the term current.

Armoured or Unarmoured cables. Adverse environmental conditions Environmental conditions can adversely affect the conditions for the cable. This requirement shall not apply to wiring fed from extra low voltage secondary of a transformer. Vision, Mission and Values. Factors apply to single layer groups of cables as shown above and do not apply when cables are installed in more than one layer touching each other.

Cable reels and lagging must not be stored in direct contact with water or dampness for extended periods of time. If a part length is returned to storage, the reels protective covering should be restored. Tests made by the manufacturer on samples of completed length or components taken from a completed cable, at a frequency, to verify that the finished product meets the specified requirements. Professionals who care about customers, environment and each other, pdf sap bw focused to provide the world with innovative optical cable systems. Current rating and intermittent load is the decisive factor for fixing conductor size.

Induced voltage is proportional to length of cable and so limitations on circuit length. Cable reels should be stored with the protective covering or lagging in place. Stainless steel is difficult to justify on cost grounds and Aluminium is the normal choice. Factors are given for single layers of cables or trefoil groups as shown in the table and do not apply when cables are installed in more than one layer touching each other. The nature of frequency of all such occurrences should be monitored and recorded.

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