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How to Find the Perfect Outsourcing Partner. Get vendors competing for your job Find the perfect outsourcing partner. Statistics vary between half to two-thirds, but we can certainly conclude that a majority of outsourcing projects wind up over budget, take longer than promised, symulast pdf free or fail completely. Our projects usually go through two rounds of mock-ups.

For vendors to be truly qualified to work on your job, they need to show that they have done real, relevant work for paying clients. Here are some key factors of an easy project for the vendor. Basis of Award for Contract Provide details about what you are looking for in a vendor, and what the primary factors in making your decision will be when you award the job. Sit back and wait for the final replies to your emails to roll in. As such, a successful web developer should have no problem accumulating a handful of clients to display each year.

Many clients request bids or quotes based on merely a short outline, or a oneparagraph description. These details include payment, scheduling, roles and responsibilities, and deliverables. Encourage the vendor to be up-front about the problem, and offer to help devise a solution. Beta releases should begin early and continue throughout the project.

Extend trust to your vendor, and be as respectful as possible of the advice and skills he or she offers unless you have real concerns about the value of the entire relationship. Sweetening the Deal Up until this point, most of your time and effort has been devoted to making your project attractive to vendors and showing yourself as an attractive client. You can now supplement your description with a short paragraph indicating your newly selected language or platform requirements.

On a threemonth project, for example, a weekly release schedule might be ideal. This situation is particularly paradoxical because vendors almost never have any motivation to slow down a project. Treat the vendor like a partner. Fernwood As you can see, the email should be short and sweet, but carefully crafted to communicate some deliberate messages to the vendors.

After all, your businesses rely upon each other, and nobody wants to go through the whole search process again. Also, remember that vendors will be wary of clients who ask directly for discounts, so you need to be very careful with your language. Make it very clear that you want to work with the vendor and that he or she is your first choice based on his or her skills, qualifications, and communication. We discuss the latest web industry topics, present guest speakers, and interview some of the best minds in the industry. To keep your project healthy and avoid problems, you should always be vigilant and on the lookout for potential problems.

Outsourcing Web Projects

We have projects lined up! In the enterprise-level software development business, there are formal processes for estimating projects with multi-million dollar values. For example, many agreements dictate that disputes will be settled via arbitration using a particular set of rules in a specific venue. Are you able to offer any warranty?

Outsourcing web projects pdf

Maybe one of these vendors can give me a great deal! Who will the vendor be answerable to? You must make a judgment call. Despite ongoing requests from the client to finish the feature, other features keep being completed first while the missing feature waits. That list could go on for some time!

Always resist this eventuality. Should you eliminate vendors during these two validation steps? After reading the project description, vendors take a guess, albeit educated, at how long it will take to build but not to test, refine, polish, or otherwise support the application as described. Your answers were very helpful! Both of these factors are dependent upon the client, not the vendor.

The client tries a few times with the same results. If you create an effective project description or specification, it will stand out from the others and act as a magnet to attract great vendors who are likely to be well-suited to your unique needs.

Outsourcing web projects pdf

With your bait prepared, you can now visit some of the most popular freelance websites on the Internet and post your document for vendors to see. When you spot trouble, act quickly to remedy the problem before it becomes expensive and time-consuming. If your priority is simply the absolute lowest price, of course you can choose your vendor right now, based on price alone. As managing director of SomeCorp, Inc. Your developers, if they understand good process, will appreciate it and everyone will accomplish more with less work.

To make the agreement coherent, there will usually be a clause in the core agreement that explains the fact that the second section will be part of the whole agreement. Another finding of ours is that other vendors are offering a day warranty period on all programming. This will make you look more professional and process-oriented.

No project is perfect, but a great project manager identifies and remedies problems quickly and effectively. Vendors must constantly work to find new clients.

Outsourcing web projects pdfOutsourcing web projects pdf

Fortunately, spotting a resource problem is usually easy. In fact, a well-written specification does more than just describe the project.

The key issue pertaining to who owns the materials that are developed should be clarified in writing. In fact, vendors are generally better at sizing up clients than clients are at evaluating vendors. You can update your site yourself without our help or additional charges. Either intention is unacceptable.

All clients need to remember that they are being evaluated by those vendors, even as they perform their own evaluation of the vendors. It will be much appreciated and is a great example of a relationship builder. Clients who have unrealistic expectations are extremely unpleasant for vendors to work with.

Do you need the project done by a certain date, or are your time frames flexible? Encourage the vendor to check each feature before notifying you that the feature is ready. We specialize in streetwear and skate sneakers as well as related accessories. However, if vendors claim to be experienced, but have less than five portfolio entries, you should eliminate them. Overall, the fixed-bid project can be an uncomfortable and risky arrangement unless the project unfolds without a single surprise or change request.

Many managers consider such communication essential to keeping employees in check and focused on the deadline, and the same thing can work with contractors and vendors. Try to be friendly and gentle in your tone, remember that you have already narrowed down your list to the top vendors, and that anything you gain at this point will be a nice bonus.

Outsourcing web projects pdf

Everyone waited while the programmers built the application to completion, then the new application was reviewed and modified if necessary. Neither the authors and SitePoint Pty. Most approvals and feedback will be provided within one business day. As so many clients behave this way, vendors are accustomed to disregarding the emergency factor entirely.

Believe me, this confrontation will be easier than it would be if you waited until the whole project was hopelessly late! Have realistic expectations. The vendor must balance a need to increase the price to allow for these factors against losing the job because the price seems too high. Would you be willing to host the application as part of the project? At the very least, you should expect each testimonial to include the name and company of the source.

Outsourcing web projects pdf