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Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Assocation Race Around Catalina Island

Much was said about poor performance and selecting a late model boat with wheel steering. Should I do a loose cover or stick to the game plan? The yacht races are more like rallies where victory is merely rewarded with post-race bragging rights. One family and some friends try to run away in a sailboat, and the story describes their battles with nuclear winter and fallout, and with the ensuing collapse of civilization. The raft is powered only by wind and electrical power, supplied by solar panels.

Wicked Cool Specs Is there anything in the world of sailing more fun than a cool pair of shades? On this site you will find thousands of posts on all features of the Ericson Yacht line, and documentation on nearly every model of boat. Nevermind all the rigging and racing setup. The Flying Scot was recommended to me as a possibility.

Junior Sailing - California Yacht Club

Does anyone know the title of the book about the guy from south america who sailed solo to the south pole, stayed there during wintertime and the sailed solo to the north pole. You're doing the right thing by researching! The right-of-way boat, or the rabbit, berlin partnersuche starts on port tack and everyone must pass her stern.

Halcyon Yachts Ltd is a dedicated international yacht delivery specialist with highly experienced and qualified crew. In light air, my dealer complained it was very slow. In the ocean, that experience could be much much worse. It was a nice sail for a bit, but a very short bit at that.

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Send it to sailmail sailmagazine. Mark Wheeler went overboard a few minutes before midnight. It was similar to my own process, except for the differences in our boats. He is in no hurry to complete his latest voyage, he said. So many authors have been inspired by the sea and there are therefore hundreds of books to choose from.

As I motored toward my mooring in Avalon, a few bruises, a sprained wrist, and a post-race beer made the voyage all the more memorable. The boat handled like an overgrown one man dinghy and was very ballanced and fast in strong winds. My heart started pounding and my thoughts quickly turned toward how to get the spinnaker down quickly without dropping it into the water. He was attempting to become the first ever person to sail around the world non-stop. Perhaps it was the solitude or the financial pressure, but Donald Crowhurst created an elaborate hoax that he thought would save him, but in the end added to his downfall and psychological demise.

One wrong move and you could be swamped, rolled etc. And we had a chance to sail with them both aboard Mayaluga before they left for their fateful passage. That article was published in so it may be hard to find. This is an autobiography that celebrates the achievements and personal triumphs of a man who really new how to live life to the full. Maintenance, Repairs, Changes, aachen and Upgrades.

Andrew also has the largest known library in the world on solo sailing. Later in life he becomes a radical politician. We had a small interest in an Ericson as our first boat, and thought it looked nice, sailed reasonably well, and had quite a bit of interior space.

Enter the Tilley Polaris, the latest lid developed by iconic Canadian hat-maker Tilley. The evening light was magical, and the sunset was one of those golden, dripping-into-the-horizon, munich California winter shows. Neither my husband or I could stop bursting out in fits of laughter. It was absolutely stunning! You may want to consider a small keelboat that is self bailing and can be self rescued.

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  1. He had recently completed his shakedown voyage from Half Moon Bay to Santa Cruz and was confident that the trip, with three comrades, would proceed smoothly.
  2. Great book for dinghy and yacht sailors alike Enjoy.
  3. Another question is about ballast.
  4. Especially if single handed the recomendation for a keel boat is even stronger.

Having a reef is critical for me either way. The story is very inspiring and hugely entertaining. Pittman Innovation Awards.

We talk more story than truths during our monthly meetings at Pacific Mariners Yacht Club. Welcome to the Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association, where some very good sailors on the West Coast are quietly doing their thing. And, in a single handed scenario, in the Pacific - that's not good. This is the story of his ten and a half month single handed trip around the world that put him in the record books. Can you, or someone in the Flying Scot family, tell me anything about single-handing?

Pacific Singlehanded Sailing Association

If I did only ocean sailing, I'd own a more stout boat with a fixed keel. Greg Rosenkrans grew up sailing in Southern California and has competed in many classic West Coast distance races. One of the best sailing adventure books ever written. The winds were so intense and built so quickly that their mast broke. It was inspiring to me, and reminded me of the importance of staying centered. Yacht Racing Information
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The background sounds of the wind in the rigging, the water lapping at the bow and the odd crackle of noise on the vhf are perfect accompaniment to any sailing story. Sailing to Catalina Island is no mean feat. It was on this trip that he reports having one of his most awe-inspiring sailing experiences.

By the time I tacked back over onto starboard again, I was aiming at Parsons Landing, the point of land just below the West End. Very good list except these are not novels, russische though some might argue that a few of the stories straddle the border between fiction and non-fiction. Then you will be hooked on a great author!

Thankfully no one was hurt and they were able to recover their rig and drift downwind to safety. To go off watch, curl up in a warm sleeping bag and read about your favourite sailing adventure is pure bliss. If so, where and how much? He is imprisoned, then escapes and ends up commanding the Chilean Navy.

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  • His first words of advice were to plan ahead as much as possible, to go through everything in my mind a few times before I actually do it.
  • Urbanczyk's raft is built of seven foot logs and has three sails that total square feet in area.
  • Competitors at sea, we are also a tight-knit group where the bravado and banter on the water is friendly and contagious.
  • Usually, the winner is roasted, then toasted, then congratulated at the trophy presentations.

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Most of those thoughts had fled by the time I left the dock at for the start off Palos Verdes. Definitely time for a re-read! Rod also shared one of his most terrifying moments at sea.

Inter-collegiate Sailing Association

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