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Select the tracks you want to manually beatmatch, then select the Beatmatch option from the drop-down menu in the Transition column. Getting To Know Creator Click one of the project category tabs on the left side of the window, and a task list appears on the right. Click Add Tracks and browse the disc, hard disk, or iPod, to select the audio files or tracks you want to rename. Effect Selector Creating video productions Creating your first VideoWave production Effect Selector The Effect Selector provides quick access to all the effects you can add to your production. Note You may be able to add audio files from other portable devices, depending on the file and device type.

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To rename a movie in your compilation, double-click the selection and type the new name. Select the text object in the Canvas or in the Object List. Preview your production In this step, you preview your production from beginning to end. If you want to continue the task that you were starting before the Missing Files dialog box appeared without finding the missing media files, click Skip Rest.

If you delete a button that is linked to all movies on the menu, or to all movies in the project, only the button is deleted. Photosuite's Project File Format. Select the disc type from the drop-down list. For more information, click Help on the Edit Audio Tags dialog box.

Enter the numbers of rows and columns in Rows and Columns, respectively. From Roxio Home, select the Photo project tab and choose Email.

The style is applied to your project. Select the text you want to change. In the Browse area, select the album to which you want to move or copy the media files. To preview the results of the adjustment before applying them, select Show Preview.

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If you select multiple photos, they are combined in a slideshow. The Print dialog box opens.

Configure the synchronization settings. To transfer photos, click the Photo project category, then click Import Photos. You can use your favorite video clips, photos, and audio clips to quickly and easily make an exciting and creative disc.

Supported file formats Media Manager supports all of the photo, video, and audio file formats supported by the Roxio components. Once the files have been transferred to your computer, cross-cultural psychology research and applications pdf you can use them in any other Roxio digital media component. All of these tasks can be started from the Tools menu in Roxio Home. Sharing Media Files Online Several components include tools that make it easy to post your creations online. Working With Media Files Managing your media files Working with media files Working with media files Media Manager makes it easy to organize your media files.

If you need to perform a task during conversion, you can press Pause when the conversion dialog appears. This selection is the material you are trimming from the movie or video. Some are incredibly simple.

Click Add Tracks and browse the disc, hard disk, or iPod, to select the audio files or tracks you want to move. Type the album name and click Yes. Valid disc image files include. You can also use this option to print single photos with special templates, such as T-shirt transfers. Video-Movies, Music-Audio, or Photo.

Click Add, or drag the tracks into the Track List area. Basic Editing Creating audio projects Getting started with Sound Editor projects Basic editing You can delete, copy, or move a clip or part of a waveform. Select the Plug and Burn task.

For information on how to preview your media files, see Viewing media files in a preview window. For productions, the default thumbnail is a short, animated, segment of the linked production. Add transitions In this step, you add transitions. This procedure explains how to change the color of the text object, and add shading.

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To move the media files to the clipboard, right-click and choose Cut. Click the track you want to add. Creator Support Options Roxio products. To reset the crop lines, click Reset.

On the Preview toolbar, click Burn. Insert the discs you want to import. Sound Editor Project File Format. To define your own customized settings, select Custom and click Edit. Using Beatmatching Creating music discs Finding tracks and managing track information If you chose to add the tracks as a new track list, enter a name for the track list.

Using Express Labeler Express Labeler is the fastest way to create and print your labels. With Creator Classic, you can make your own data discs by burning files and folders from your hard disk and other discs.

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You can also add tracks or playlists to your project by dragging them from a folder and dropping them into the project window. Start a Creator Classic project. This chapter also outlines the steps involved in creating a video production.

The toolbars The toolbars provide the tools to work with objects on your layout. The Burn Progress dialog box opens, showing you the progress while the project is burning to disc. For example, if you intend to play your recording as a playlist, or burn it to disc, you will want to easily identify the tracks and navigate them with your player.

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