Samsung Nx11 Manual Pdf

Samsung NX11 Camera User Manual Instruction Manual User Guide (PDF)

Set the aperture value manually before recording a video. Page High points at the left too dark and right too bright on the histogram indicate a photo that is improperly exposed.

Samsung NX11 Key Features

Photos With Two Subjects Concepts in Photography Using the rule of thirds will create photos with stable and compelling compositions. In such cases, the camera uses slower shutter speeds in order to increase the amount of light taken in, which can result in a blurry photo.

User Manual User Manual This user manual includes detailed usage instructions for your camera. Color space The range of colors that the camera can see.

Page A fast shutter speed allows less time to let light in and the photo becomes darker and more easily freezes subjects in motion. You can adjust the settings to better suit your needs and preferences.

In particular, severe wind noise recorded in videos distracts you from enjoying your videos. The camera captures a photo and applies the three Picture Wizard options you have set to the image captured. Size Shooting Functions Size As you increase the resolution, your photo or video will include more pixels, so it can be printed on larger paper or displayed on a larger screen.

When the setting wizard appears, click Samsung Digital Camera Installer. Samsung Electronics America, Inc. Use only Samsung-approved accessories Using incompatible accessories may damage your camera, cause injury, documento protegido pdf desbloquear or void your warranty. This function is only available on a lens that supports manual focus.

The photo is divided into two or more areas, and the camera obtains focus points of each area. Power button Hot-shoe fastening dial The illustrations below may differ from the actual items. Camera Settings Menu Chapter Camera settings menu Learn about the user settings and general settings menu. Maintaining The Camera Camera body Wipe gently with a soft, dry cloth. Manually adjust the color temperature of the light source.

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Icon Description Smart Auto mode p. The fader function is applied at the start and end of the scene. Set the sound the camera makes when you press buttons on or off.

Samsung nx11 manual pdfSamsung nx11 manual pdf

For more information, refer to the manual for each accessory. Concepts In Photography Concepts in Photography Shooting postures A correct posture for stabilizing the camera is necessary for taking a good photo.

The aperture setting controls the opening that regulates the light that enters the camera, while the shutter speed determines the length of time that light is allowed to enter. Installed batteries may leak or corrode over time and cause serious damage to your camera. Came shake tends to occur in dark places or when shooting indoors. In this mode, you can fully control the exposure of your photos. Correct the brightness of an underexposed photo.

Samsung nx11 manual pdf

User Manual

Date Set to print the date. Scene gradually fades out. Center-weighted Downloaded From camera-usermanual.


Samsung NX11 User Manual

Additional modes allow for greater customization of settings. Name Shutter release port Use a shutter release cable with a tripod to minimize camera movement. When another language is set, the location information will appear in English. Notes About Charging The Battery Do not allow battery terminals to come in contact with metallic objects, such as necklaces, coins, keys, or watches.

Printing photos with a PictBridge photo printer You can print photos with a PictBridge-compatible printer by connecting your camera directly to the printer. No, Yes Downloaded From camera-usermanual. Program Shift Program Shift function lets you adjust the shutter speed and aperture value while the camera maintains the same exposure.

Refer to the user manuals of these optional accessories for details. This user manual includes detailed usage instructions for your camera. Crouching Photography Concepts in Photography Crouching photography Compose your shot, crouch with one knee touching the ground, and keep a straight posture. Picture Wizard photo Styles Shooting Functions Picture Wizard photo styles Picture Wizard lets you apply different photo styles to your photo to create various looks and emotional moods. Change to the Video edit mode.

Rotate the lens counter- Lens is locked clockwise until you hear a click. In order to prevent unwanted subjects from being in focus, change the focus area so that a desired subject is in focus. Select the print size of all the photos saved in the memory card. Color Space Shooting Functions Color space Digital imaging devices such as digital cameras, monitors, and printers have their own methods for representing colors, which are called color spaces. Volume control Scroll the jog dial to the left or right.

Optional Accessories These illustrations may differ from your actual items. Give more weight to the photo by moving the horizon up or down. Recommended for shooting the rapid motion of fast moving subjects such as racing cars.

Your results may differ depending on your actual usage. Continuous Af This mode is car racing scene. Recommended for general conditions. If the exposure set by the camera is higher or lower than you expected, you can adjust the exposure value manually. Dispose unwanted electronics through an approved recycler.