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Turn away from the visible if you would see and possess the invisible. Oh, that I may even so, as a branch, abide in Thy love, for its fullness to fill me and overflow on all around.

It is not to sin only that the cleansing of the Husbandman here refers. Undoubtedly, if we seek to carry out the injunction in our strength, or without a full apprehension of the truth of the Vine and its branches. There is the lesson of entire consecration. And let Thy all-sufficiency, holding and filling Thy branches, lead me to the rest of faith that knows that Thou workest all. In His love He brought forth creatures that He might make them partakers of His blessedness.

His life was a continual waiting on the Father for all He was to do. Let us ask Him to reveal to us how He ask and claims a life wholly given up to Him, to be as full of His Spirit as He can make us. This is the beginning and the root of that holy friendship to which Christ invites us. What a continual call to the deepest humility and praise, to the most entire dependence and expectancy!

In that faith it dares to give up and cut off everything that has hitherto hindered it, and to promise and expect to live a life that is well pleasing to God. Oh, give me to see that we need nothing less than this promise to overcome the powers of the world and Satan!

The true vine andrew murray pdfThe true vine andrew murray pdf
The true vine andrew murray pdf

True Vine Meditations for a Month on John 15 1-16

We have not considered implicit obedience as a condition of true discipleship. Let the Holy Spirit, not only in thought, but in experience, give me to know all that Thou, the Son of God, art to me as the true Vine. Come and be still under the shadow of the true Vine, and rest under it from the heat of the day. Not of itself, but only of the vine, does the fruit come. The divine fitness of this connection between obeying and abiding, between God's commandments and His love, cours sur les ondes electromagnetiques pdf is easily seen.

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Just think a moment of the lessons this suggests. What countless numbers rejoice in the fruit of the vine! The world is perishing, the church is failing, Christ's cause is suffering, Christ is grieving on account of the lack of wholehearted Christians, bearing much fruit. The believer is called to, and it is his highest blessedness to enter upon, a life of entire and unceasing dependence upon Christ.

Faith in Christ as our Vine, in His enabling and sanctifying power, fits us for this obedience of faith, and secures a life of abiding in His love. For a friend I could do what I would not for another. Be in your church or circle the embodiment of Christ's love.

THE TRUE VINE by Andrew Murray

It can be, just in such measure as we believe in Him as the Vine, imparting Himself and His life to His branches. It is as if there is not one of the principal temptations and failures of the Christian life that is not met here. He only lives to love, to live out His life of love in us, to give Himself in all who will receive Him. Draw me so to dwell in the love and the certainty of that eternal purpose, that the power of eternity may posses me, and the fruit I bear may abide.

Christ had often spoken of the disciples as His servants. With many Christians the thought of personal safety, which at their first awakening was a legitimate one, remains to the end the one aim of their religion.

With the confession that we need to be brought to an entirely new mode of life, because we have never yet known Christ as the Vine in the completeness of His quickening and transforming power. There may be much that pleases and edified, and yet there is no permanent impression made on the power of the world or the state of the Church. He took our human nature to teach us how to wear it, and show us how obedience, as it is the first duty of the creature, is the only way to abide in the favor of God and enter into His glory. Lord, teach me that as worthless as is the doing in my own strength, so essential and absolutely indispensable is the doing of faith in Thy strength, if I would abide in Thy love. Many interesting and beautiful points of comparison suggest themselves, and help us to get conceptions of what Christ meant.

Oh, the blessedness of being only branches, through whom the Spirit flows and brings God's life to men! How many, in a sunny clime, sit and rest under the shadow of a vine. He point us to the love in which it on His side has its origin v.

Take more time with Jesus, gazing on Him as the heavenly Vine, living in the love of the Father, wanting you to live in His love. We have given a far higher place to privilege than to duty.

Your personal salvation, your business and care for your family, are entirely subordinate to this. Friends dare trust to each other what they would not for anything have others know. So there is in Christian work some fruit that does not last. For His Spirit's fruit is love, And love shall thy life become, And for evermore on His heart of love Thy spirit shall have her home. What confidence the thought that He has chosen us for this gives, that He will not fail to fit us for carrying out His purpose!

Our Father is our Husbandman, the Surety for our growth and fruit. If that love made Him the true Vine, His love can make us true branches.

You need, least of all, to be anxious as to how you are to understand the mystery, or fulfill its conditions, or work out its blessed aim. The Whole place of the branch in the vine is one of unceasing prayer. As a branch, abiding in Thee in entire devotion, in full dependence, in perfect conformity, in abiding fruitfulness, I come to the Father, in Thee, and He will give what I ask. That refers not only to the commandments of the Word, but to that blessed application of the Word to our daily life, which none but our Lord Himself can give.

The Vine and the branch are equally under the unchangeable law of fruit-bearing as the one reason of their being. To avail ourselves of the unlimited prayer promises, we must be men who are filled with the Spirit, and wholly given up to the work and glory of Jesus. And now, if Christ loves us with such an intense, such an infinite divine love, what is it that hinders it triumphing over every obstacle and getting full possession of us? The Word of God's pruning knife.

He chose you, and appointed you to bear fruit, and that your fruit should abide. This is the true circumcision of the heart, the circumcision of Christ. Thou shalt not be disappointed. We have had occasion more than once to speak of the perfect similarity of the vine and the branch in nature, and therefore in aim.