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Once all the men ride away from the barbecue to volunteer to fight, all that comes next is pages of starvation and fear and death and sadness. Gone with the Wind is America, the sublime and the terrible in eternal, irreconcilable conflict. At times I felt like maybe I shouldn't be enjoying a book featuring a sympathetic view of the South or feeling bad for those who struggled in their losses to the North.

Of all the books that I've read in my entire life this is my ultimate favourite! Not a world that ever existed, per se. The book is incredibly engrossing.

He refuses, stating angrily that plowing is field hand's work and he has never been a field hand. Pages can include limited notes and highlighting, and the copy can include previous owner inscriptions. Slavery is such an important part of American history, but I don't know that I agree with the format in which it is taught at least the way it was taught to me. We use stories to describe and define society.

The reader is left to draw their own conclusion about the fate of Scarlett and Rhett. Aside from the history, the tone, the description, the general epic-ness of this epic, there are also the characters. By the end of the novel, I sympathised with Scarlett and admired the strong courageous person she had become.

Dear God, Margaret Mitchell knew how to write a book about it all. How could anyone get any work done with free niggers quitting all the time? Create a Want BookSleuth Can't remember the title or the author of a book? Can't they adopt the intellectual ways of the North and still maintain their civility? Probably worthwhile to check the history behind the writing of it.

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But like Scarlett clawing her way back to Tara after the war, I persevered. Going into the book, I was steeling myself for lots of good old fashioned racism, and was surprised at what I found.

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Just like the ladies in old Atlanta I found myself at times entranced by his charms, but often I did not like or trust him. Okay, last question - what was the cause of the Civil War? They have truly come alive for me.

That was gross to type out. If we allow this book to become part of the foundation of our past - if we call it a classic, as some people have - we're basing our past on a terrible lie. It's just ruined the darkies. The South had been tilted as by a giant malicious hand, and those who had once ruled were now more helpless than their former slaves had ever been.

Pages are intact and are not marred by notes or highlighting, but may contain a neat previous owner name. Beware, there is a lot of racism in this novel and it can be quite shocking at times. Read her biography and the writing of the book snd the making of the film.

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It was an extremely sad ending for two different reasons and I won't give those away. Scarlett vows to win him back. Or even in the middle of a civil war. But it works for two reasons.

Melissa Martin's Reading List. Honestly, I would go as far to say that it is a masterpiece, in its scope, its characterisation, its history, and its story. These passages are written as objective fact. The stars all aligned and for the first time in a long time the general reading audience had it correct. Just like Ashley, they would rather have dreamt and remembered than changed.

An inner strength, and a loving, forgiving nature. Als Tochter eines Plantagenbesitzers lebt sie im Luxus auf dem Familiengut Tara, und es mangelt ihr nicht an Verehrern. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. What's Post-traumatic stress syndrome? We all know this war torn families apart.

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Quotes from Vom Winde verweht. Not that GwtW is an easy book to digest in this politically correct era. Specifically, things take a dark turn around the page mark. She was well fleshed out and believable, and a real force of nature on the page. It is Melly, not Scarlett, preschool newsletter template pdf who could get anything she desires and her heart is not her weakness but her greatest strength.

Thousands of them aren't working at all and the ones we can get to work at the mill are so lazy and shiftless they aren't worth having. It was the suiting ending that fit the story, summed up the moral lesson, brought to head the tragic tale of a spoiled main character reaping her spoils. Destruction, tragedy, political corruption, truth, lies, life, death, love, loss, big changes, new beginnings, intermingled with never ending cycles. During the war, when only a few loyal slaves have remained at Tara, Scarlett has to farm the land herself and wants Pork to help plow.

You come to feel a level of sadness that the South and Scarlett lost their war and hope that they will rebuild. The way these characters mold to one another, influence one another, speak in subtext and interact creates a world so vivid that real life begins to feel dull.

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For me, the chief joys come not from the iconic major players, but from the memorable supporting actors. Mitchell, following Hugo's formula, also includes segments of war history.